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BlackBerry PlayBook takes control over Police cars by Mobile Innovations

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Really liking how BlackBerry PlayBook slowly and hard kicking some tablet market’s a$$ showing what it is really capable of who don’t feel and realize while giving out their negative reviews since it launched. BlackBerry PlayBook from Day 1 for me, even after lack of apps gave me a feeling that it could handle and do much more. The video shows the use of multitasking on BlackBerry PlayBook, how easy it is to throw commands to the car siren and at the same time navigate on GPS (Google Maps) and also go through all niche RMS records through its separate apps. This video also give a deep explanation how it can be used in professional world as well, very secured way.

The Bluetooth Keyboard in the video is official BlackBerry Bluetooth keyboard which is not officially announced yet but leaked slideshow of BlackBerry PlayBook accessories images early this year. With the Bluetooth keyboard, I love the Tablet dock!


Mobile Innovations are into development with BlackBerry since long and also selected at BlackBerry World as a winner in the 2011 Wireless Achievement Awards, held at the company’s conference in Orlando, FL.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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