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HowTo: Install Apps on Leaked Android Player for Blackberry PlayBook


Following the leaked Android Player for BlackBerry PlayBook fun, users finally found a way to deploy APK files(Android App files) onto the tablet. Special thanks to N4BB for finding the leak; CrackBerry members Lycidal for working app list & Randy for easy 27 steps installation guide. Before you start, make sure you have downloaded the leaked Android App Player on your device.

Original post here : randymc2641 for 27 steps and lyrical for the working apps


1. Enable Development Mode on Playbook (Settings/Security/Development Mode then set to on)

Note the development mode icon indicator, press it and note the IP address (we’ll use for purposes of this howto)

2. Download file

3. Side load the Android Player (see link here on general side loading)

4. Install Java JDK on your computer

5. Install Android SDK Manager on your desktop

6. Run Android SDK Manager and allow it to automatically update everything.

7. While it’s updating would be a good time to check to see if you installed the Android Player correctly. Run the Android Player App.

8. Give it plenty of time to load up. Swipe down from the Top of the Playbook

9. Click Set Home view and select Installed Applications. Hint: To navigate backwards, swipe left from the bottom bezel on the Playbook.

10. Select Settings/Applications and check the Unknown sources box.

11. You must now close Android Player and Reopen it (Leave the Android Player running!)

12. This is also a good time to dowlonad some apk files. The first one you will need is Astro file manager

13. Move the file downloaded in step 6 into the “c:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools” folder

(check “c:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools if you are running 64 bit windows)

14. Hit the start key and in the search box type cmd and hit enter.

15. Type: “cd c:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools”

(it will be “cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools” if you have a 64 bit version of windows)

16. Type: “adb connect″ Replace with your ip

Screen will read: “connected to”

17. Type “adb root”

Screen will read: “restarting adbd as root”

18. Type “adb connect″ Replace with your ip

Screen will read: “connected to”

19. Type adb install Astro.v2.3.1.noexpire.apk

Screen will eventually read: “Success”
(Dont worry, Steps 14-19 are only for the installation of the file manager)

20. Take a deep breath the hard part is now over.

21. Find the desired apk for the program you want to install. copy it over to the playbook using the USB cable or WiFi connection, put it in the downloads folder.

22. Navigate back to the apps page

23. At the bottom of the list you will find ASTRO, run it.

24. Navigate to the Download folder and click the app you want to install.

25. Select the “Open App Manger” Option

26. Select “Install” and “Install” again

27. Select “Open” and there you go…27 steps to installing android apps on the Blackberry Playbook


List of Confirmed working/failing Apps:

Office Suite Pro v4.0.364 – – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
IM+ Pro v4.1.1 – – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
GhostTown v1.84 – – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Download Buddy v1.47 – – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Maverick Pro v1.9 – – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
IMDB – IMDb.apk – – online file sharing and storage – download
Robot Unicorn Attack v1.02 [kinda glitchy] –
AnDrawing Pro v2.5.0 –
WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.3.5 –
Wordsmith v1.1.4 –
Advanced Task Killer Pro v1.9.7B92 –
Robotic Guitarist v2.8.8 –
gReader Pro v2.1.7 –
Convertr v1.1.1 –
Doodle Bubble v1.2.9 –
Vikings VS. Zombies v1.5.0 –
Scanner Radio Pro v3.1.2 –
EzPDF Reader v –
Torque v 1.4.82 –
Paper Tower Defense v1.17 –
RealVNC Viewer v1.1.0.62312 –
Kindle v3.0.1.70 –
Winamp v1.0.3 –
Dolphin Browser v6.0 –…r_HD_6.0.0.apk
Yahoo Messenger v1.4 –…senger_1.4.apk
Words With Friends v3.52 –
Remote RDP Enterprise v3.3.0 –
Astro File Manager v2.3.1 –
AndTorrent v0.882 –
Pandora v1.5.7

Not Working:
Adobe Reader v9.0.2
Angry Birds Seasons v1.5.1
Asphalt 6 v1.0.4
Asteroid Belt v1.3
Backbreaker 2 Vengeance v1.2.3
BeerPong v1.2
Burn The Rope v1.2.6
CamGun v1.92
CardioTrainer v3.6.0
Catch that Bus v1.591
Cyberon Voice Commander v3.0
DJ Studio V2.6.2 [loads but can’t add music]
Farm Story v1.3.0
Fieldrunners HD v1.01
Flight Control v3.4
GO Keyboard v0.3.0
Golf Battle 3D v1.1.7
Google + – [hangs on connecting… screen]
Hungry Shark 3 v3.0.0
Lookout Mobile Security 6.1
Masqed Crusader v3.7.5
Meganoid v1.4.4 At Bat 11 v1.2
Nano Panda v1.2.3
Need For Speed: Shift v1.0.67
PacMan v2.0.2
Peggle v1.0
Player Pro v2.06
Remote Web Desktop v5.4.0 (detects app not purchased/registered to device)
Samurai II – Vengeance v1.01
SD-Booster v1.5.1
SetCPU v2.24
Shazam Encore v3.2.1
Slots Royale v2.5
Squibble v1.0.0.929
Superuser Elite v0.4
Unrar Pro v1.4
Voodoo Control Plus v2.1.1
WP7 ZPlayer v2.06b
Wave Pro v1.0.3
Zombieville v1.0


Source: CrackBerry Forums

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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