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PlayBookTip: HTTP Proxy to help access App World

In BlackBerry App World there are many apps that won’t support every country and maybe you really want to put hands on to those apps but couldn’t due to ‘this item is not available in your country’ statement. Like BlackBerry News for BlackBerry PlayBook, etc. This week I really wanted to try out the ‘TV On the Go’ app which is only available in India. As I am currently not in India and really wanted to get this app on my BlackBerry PlayBook after seeing the screenshots posted by Shahriyar Ali, had to find a way out of this.

There’s an old trick to fake your IP address (I don’t why I couldn’t think of it at first place), with that you can fake your location that can help to sneak into the BlackBerry App World if your country still does not support it or you can get access to download the apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook that does not support your country as well.

Before I proceed would like to thank Louis who posted this trick on forum

Finding a HTTP Proxy:

Google search for “Free HTTP proxy list” or goto the link for collection of proxy IPs country sorted –
Note that free proxy is not staying for long or can be used, in this case, choose and try till getting one working for you.

Remember to get a supported countries proxies such as US, Canada, Australia… and proxy type should be Anonymous Proxy

When you get one. It could have:

Proxy Server IP Address:
Proxy Port: xxx
Username: if there is, usually blank
Password: if there is, usually blank

Setting the proxy on BlackBerry PlayBook

On your BlackBerry PlayBook:

+ Get into WiFi Settings.

+ Choose the “Saved Networks”.

+ Choose your current WiFi Network

+ Scroll down and check the “Use HTTP Proxy”

+ New fields appear and enter the information such as Proxy Server, Proxy Port…

+ Choose “Save and Connect”

+ Exit Settings and try App World.

+ To check your IP working and acting, goto . Here it will display your spoofed public IP and the location, should be somewhere you are trying to spoof.

Now you can browse and download apps that are not supported for your country (if chose the right IP).

Sometimes you fail downloading app after locating it, do not close the App World, just remove the proxy settings and reinstall the app.

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  1. Has someone actually been successful at this ? I just tried couple of proxies.. was able to browse, checked my ip with whatismyip… website but no luck.

    Noticed the change that app prices now come in USD and the error code went back to Paypal 10000 instead of Paypal 9300.. (Paypal Authorization)

    This is frustrating not being able to buy apps.

Written by Shahzoor Ali


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