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RIM Shows the New & Powerful BBM 6 [Video]

With the power of messenger connection into 3rd party apps, BlackBerry Messenger 6 brings a new era in social platform. Now share everything along friends instantly via BBM integrated apps as shown in the video above. There are few apps already available on App World & no doubt we have plenty launching soon including lots of multiplayer games. Following is the list of apps available (sorted by

Backgammon King (App World) – One of Magmic’s top games is now social. If you want to play against a friend , challenge a BBM contact to a friendly  game or send an invite to download and start the fun.

Foursquare (App World) – Foursquare is all about helping you find new ways to explore the city. Earn points and unlock badges, profiles and status updates over BBM.

Huffington Post (App World) – The Huffington Post, a leader in implementing social features to reach and interact with its network of readers and bloggers, depends on the BBM Social Platform to continue to reach its audiences, even when they are on the go.

Jingu (App World) – Jingu is an application for BBM only and it is focused on enriching the BBM communication experience and the BBM community with the addition of social chat, photo sharing, avatars, and more.

Pocket Ants (App World) – You are the king of the ANTS- feeding, burning, fighting, and racing your ants. Now with BBM you can invite all your friends to rule an ant colony too.

Poynt (App World) – Find businesses, people, restaurants, movies, events and weather info. Going out for dinner with friends? Find a great spot and share it.

PowWow Study (App World) – PowWow uses BBM integration to provide real time social event coordination. Connected BBM 6 users are directly invited and notified of events that are created using Powwow. With PowWow the latest information is made available.

ScoreMobile (App World) – Up-to-the-minute sports scores, players, stats, betting odds and more. You can invite BBM friends into the app to chat about the latest sports banter, share scores and more.

Telmap Navigator (App World) – Telmap is a mobile location companion which now integrates with BBM to bring significantly enriched communication and interactions with users’ real-time locations.

Unvired (App World) – Unvired Workflow by SAP allows users to take action on the workflow documents directly from their BB. The BBM integration allows sharing of screen shots/pictures with colleagues.

Wikitude (Not Available Yet – BlackBerry OS 7) – Wikitude allows you to experience your BBM in a new way. By using the camera, simply pan around your mobile to contacts in Augmented Reality. You may even find new friends in your vicinity – a truly engaging and immersive experience.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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