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Toddlers reviews PlayBook UI and iPad UI

for mobile viewing pleasure

Found this video on YouTube, a 2 year old boy was handed with a BlackBerry PlayBook first, I say from the one of the FREE PlayBook 😀 and the kid finds extremely hard time to do anything on the BlackBerry PlayBook. All the icons seems to be new to him to recognize, no idea about gestures, etc.

Second half he gets his old iPad which he was probably playing when he was 1 and on 2 single clicks starts his favourite video.

So, was this video to proof the greatness of iPad or to show iPads for kids? The BlackBerry fans would defend saying, ” iPad is for babies and the PlayBook is an Enterprise Tablet”.

Months before we posted 2 and half year old girl playing with BlackBerry PlayBook with all gestures and apps she wants.

BlackBerry PlayBook is for everyone: for mobile viewing pleasure

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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