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BlackBerry Bridge Updates to v1.0.5.6

BlackBerry Bridge, the application that enables you to connect you BlackBerry smartphone to BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v. The release hints an update of PlayBook OS as well which we hope releases later today or tomorrow. Anyhow this won’t be a massive 2.0 update which is scheduled to next month or early  October. Go check out App World for update or click the link below for direct OTA downloads.

Bridge Applications

Messages application brings all your mails on PlayBook & can even perform various functions like Reply, Forward etc. directly from the tablet itself. You can also attach PlayBook/smartphone files in a mail.
This sync all your connected smartphone address book/contacts to your PlayBook. You can view contact details & can even edit details which also automatically changes on the phone.
Bridge Browser:
This is the best bridge application which allow users to browse internet using BlackBerry smartphone’s connection. This isn’t a tether mode that means all you browse on PlayBook depends upon your phone’s data plan. You won’t need any other SIM card to connect internet on PlayBookwhile traveling or outside WiFi hotspot.
You can view all upcoming events or meetings right on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Any changes made will sync back to BlackBerry Smartphone.
BBM: (Click here for images)
Yes! Blackberry PlayBook has the BlackBerry Messenger. The large screen BBM is always a dream to any. The data transfer works on bluetooth itself by flowing PlayBook input data to connected smartphone & then hits the network.
Notepad for BlackBerry PlayBook featuring live sync to the smartphone.
Browse your tasks directly on PlayBook or create new ones on both BlackBerry devices at once.
Bridge Files:
Bridge Files enables to browse documents on PlayBook saved on your smartphone. It is expected to feature media files as well in later updates


Download BlackBerry Bridge OTA for OS5 >>

Download BlackBerry Bridge OTA for OS6 >> 

Download BlackBerry Bridge OTA for OS7 >>





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One Comment

  1. Great news! Download this Bridge update. If you have AT&T, don’t choose the update via Appworld, as the tyrannical carrier limits Bridge functionality to email and BBM, contacts and calendard functions only. The previous Bridge from here allowed the BridgeBrowser. This release is the best, as it lets all apps use the bridge, when WiFi is turned off (except APPWorld and possibly PodCasts).
    I’m using the OS5 Bridge on the original Bold 9000. Looking forward to higher speeds in the near future! Gotta love simultaneous voice and data without a 3rd data plan or tether charge. Can also use local data on the BBerry 9000, and have a data session from a laptop using the program Tether. Nice! Do all this, and still stay on those conference calls.
    Gotta love it when it works together!

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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