Support Anna for fight against corruption

Fight against Corruption with Anna Hazare BlackBerry Theme

Support Anna for fight against corruption

As the Indian anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare continues his protest, the movement supporting him is growing.

People in India say “Brand Anna” is having a huge impact – with millions of searches under his name on the internet, and merchandise featuring him selling fast.

Why not BBin create a Anna Hazare BlackBerry Theme for those who can’t come out on the road or be a part of a full-blown protest? Or you’re simply not the person who can shout slogans? We’ve come up with the BlackBerry theme, a unique and where you carry everywhere with you to express your support for Anna Hazare’s crusade against graft and goverment’s atrocious stance.

Download FREE Anna Hazare BlackBerry theme:

For BlackBerry Curve OS5 >>

For BlackBerry Curve OS6 >>

For BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS5 >>

For BlackBerry Bold 97xx OS6 >>

For BlackBerry Torch OS6 >>

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Interactive voice response: 0-92-12-12-32-12
Give missed call at 022-61550789 to stay connected

If you want to volunteer, please logon to: Against Corruption’s website:

India Against Corruption on Facebook –

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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