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FYI: BlackBerry PlayBook Tethers HTC EVO 4G [Videos]

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BlackBerry PlayBook is one of  the BEST tablet out there & here is one demo among thousand features for an existing BlackBerry phone owner or even who owns any other smartphone. The PlayBook connects to several bluetooth devices like keyboards, mouse etc & of course phones as well. Whether it be an Apple or Android platform, it rips of entertainment for you anytime anywhere. Thanks to its solid flash enable browser, a user here connects his HTC EVO4G (runnin Android) to his PlayBook over WiFi hotspot & enjoys stream-less LIVE football match. Moreover, he connects the tablet to TV via HDMI & enjoys the LIVE gaming action! Are you reading this Movie lovers? 😉 See video below for some TV action.

for mobile viewing pleasure

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a standalone rocker! Whether you buy the WiFi model or upcoming 3G/4G , it connects you to internet anytime you like. Connecting a BlackBerry Smartphone is even better as browsing the web is FREE of cost via ‘Bridge’ feature. Don’t forget the newly BlackBerry OS7 smartphones also has WiFi Hotspot connectivity if you prefer more over Bridge. Click here for full in-depth BlackBerry PlayBook review.

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  1. Does the bridge browser work on Vodafone Mumbai BIS plan? This will be the final dealbreaker for me. Also, what is the price of a base model PB in Mumbai now that the price has been reduced?

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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