Indian Cops May Become BlackBerry Armed; PlayBook Next?

Inspite of huge controversies over BlackBerry ban by Indian Govt. there seems to be a turnover within. According to proposal sent to State Govt. for e-challan, the gadgets used by traffic cops includes BlackBerry smartphones to palmtop computers which will hold records of offenders digitally. The city of Ahmedabad will be the first to acquire these equipments and later will be provided to other cities eventually.

Speaking about BlackBerry smartphones and palmtop(tablet pc), the perfect pair will be none other than BlackBerry tablet itself. BlackBerry PlayBook already has been approved by several countries for Govt. workings, India might be the other nation to enter its name into the list. RIM already demos how PlayBook implements in police cars & can be helpful retrieving secured department records instantly. Hopefully the Govt. grants proposal so we could see some PlayBook Cruise all around 😀


Source: DNA

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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