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BBin Video: CrackBerry contest Winners – Inceptionally Fast

WE WON! ! !

If you follow the #1 Site for BlackBerry or not, they hosted a Video contest titled “the BlackBerry Super Fanboy (& Fangirl) Contest”. BBin Team participated in the contest on an idea of making a video that shows how the BlackBerry Data sent from one device to its destination securely by framing in different stages, replacing the data (packets) into life.

Adnan Intekhab

Starring the lead role, Adnan. If you don’t recall his name let me give you his short intro. If you are on our BBM (Remote Help pin:21973C6B), you might be good friends with Adnan who currently handling and keeping all 1,869 contacts happy.

for mobile viewing pleasure: Inceptionally Fast

Our video submitted as Inceptionally Fast and was selected as one of the 5 finalist. CrackBerry said:

Inceptionally Fast is pretty darn clever. Inspired by the movie Inception, the story explains the BlackBerry infrastructure showing how fast and secured data is transferred from beginning to end. Action packed and awesome, it’s yet another amazing entry in this contest.

Today they announced the winners, check the original post at here >>

We heartily thank CrackBerry for everything they did for us since BBin was born. Special thank in public for this contest, picking us up as a WINNER and for great prizes.

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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