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BlackBerry PlayBook Story: M.S. Singh [VIDEO]

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BlackBerry PlayBook is not just for business & we got Dehli based business man M.S.Sethi to prove it! This passionate pilot shares his day showing how PlayBook connects & keeps him entertaining in daily life. From managing schedules to partying all night; BlackBerry PlayBook makes life much more easier and relaxing. Hit the play button above & experience the Powerful, Portable, BlackBerry PlayBook :)

In our review of BlackBerry PlayBook, we showed all possibilities of the tablet than can never be found in any other in market to date. RIM has done a phenomenon job to make their first PC tablet a milestone. Its security has won not just 1 but 3 nations confidence & has been approved for Govt. confidential works. To go deep on BlackBerry PlayBook, Click here to read our complete in-depth review

Click here to see more detailed routine videos >>

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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