BlackBerry service down in India and EMEA

UPDATE: All services to users started near Midnight the same day.

BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) went down today exactly at 3:40PM (IST) at my end. I started checking with my friends, some were facing same situation some not, but after a while our readers on twitter also acknowledged that they started facing the data outage all over India on all carriers. We also came to know India wasn’t singled out from this data outage but whole Europe, the Middle East and Africa region.

Meanwhile BlackBerry UK official Twitter account tweeted:

Couple of hours later, the Official Twitter support account of Research In Motion, @BlackBerryHelp also tweeted to the followers all over the world:

Annoying customers in the effected regions started calling or tweeting their carriers Support Lines for help.

On one of its official Twitter feeds, however, T-Mobile UK said: “There is an issue with Blackberry services at present. RIM are investigating this at present.”

Batelco, a mobile operator in Bahrain meanwhile said: “Please note the issue with BlackBerry service is effecting (sic) all of Bahrain, and it is dealt with by BlackBerry providers in Canada.”

Vodafone Egypt told its Twitter followers that “there is Blackberry outage, it’s from RIM side”.


The fault is thought to have originated from a server crash at a UK-based data center where all the effected regions are choosen to transport the data through UK based RIM server. According to the Telegraph, customers on a corporate server appear to be unaffected by the crash.

Apart from this sad day of no BIS, we have something to cheer you up a little saying BIS in India got upgraded to 4.1. Details on upgraded BIS 4.1 will followed later.



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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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