BlackBerry X Maybe the Next-Gen OS from RIM


DEVCON12 will be historical! From Java to QNX transformation, Mobile to Cloud based opportunities, RIM will unfold all surprising packages this month. But the major appearance will be QNX powered Superphones that has been promised to show-off for the first time publicly. QNX is the new operating system that has already been injected to BlackBerry PlayBook will now overtake on BlackBerry smartphones as well.

According to Kevin at CrackBerry, his sources hinted the arrival of new OS named BlackBerry X (or BBX), which presumably is a universal platform  that combines current BlackBerry Tablet OS with upcoming QNX Supoerphones. This interchange was expected to all but the title ‘X’ surprised everyone. QNX OS has OTA(Over The Air) software updates, we are really excited to see how it emerges on every BlackBerry device in real time. Stay tuned for DEVCON12 to hear what officials have to say about this 😉


Source: CrackBerry

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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