First BBX Superphone will Feature BIS/BES & BlackBerry PlayBook Resolution

Upcoming RIM’s first BBX platform running Superphone will sport all the goodness of QNX & the power of BIS/BES. Unlike the rumors, the device will be an All-Touch & sport BlackBerry PlayBook resolution(1024×600)

According to Alec Saunders, RIM’s vice president of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, the phone will not look like Bold or have any physical keys. It will share the marvel resolution of BlackBerry PlayBook which will also attract developers maintaining one resolution for both(Superphones & Tablets). “Look, if you build [an app] for the PlayBook, then it will run on BBX. We have maintained aspect ratios, BBX also has the ability to upload multiple dimension graphics … [and the standard resolutions] are the same as PlayBook” he said. Its also confirmed that it will support E-mail & other native apps unlike the PlayBook which will get these in February.  “I think you’re seeing an evolution of a platform … you should not expect [BBX] to be behind the PlayBook,” Alec Saunders said.

RIM aims to release their first BBX superphone early in 2012 with support of all existing features of BlackBerry along Android final release

Source: PCMag via CrackBerry

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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