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Scrapbook upgraded to v2.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook

The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) at RIM pushed Scrapbook v2.0 with additional feature called Packs. Currently there are 3 packs Christmas, Travel, The 50s.

For more information and Download Scrapbook v2.0>>


For the season Christmas pack is awesome to create some creative posters, greeting cards, fun images. The packs are not pre-loaded but downloadable items which adds stickers and wallpapers to the app for you to choose.

I love the 50s Pack, love retro wallpapers and Elvis Presley age hair-style, disc, cars, disco, etc! Not to forget, you can share your Scrapbooks on Facebook too from app, also via BlackBerry Bridge.

Key New Features in Scrapbook for BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0

* Scrapbook Content Packs
It’s now possible to download new, fresh content to the Scrapbook application

* BlackBerry Bridge
You can now download Scrapbook Content Packs and connect to Facebook via BlackBerry Bridge

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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