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Healthcare on Priority from BlackBerry

Healthcare today has become an important part of our lives. With new technologies having a role to play across several sectors, it has even become easier for doctors and patients to access information and give quicker responses. There are various apps that BlackBerry has developed that lets doctors and paramedics access to critical information of patients on a secure connection through smartphones and laptops. Enclosed are some of the applications developed for the BlackBerry platform which are currently being used by medical professionals and institutions across India.

Healthcare Enterprise Applications


MPHRX Connect

MphRx Connect is an application available on BlackBerry smartphones that securely connects an archive of radiology images, lab reports and other patient information. The clinicians can access these reports from their smartphones and/or laptops. Max Healthcare uses MphRx application with the help of BlackBerry enterprise server to make it available to the doctors.

This application helps patients transfer reports and radiology images to their doctors for emergency purposes only with a click of a button.



e-Traq an application developed by i2i solutions is another example of an enterprise healthcare application. This application is used in conjunction with e-Traq Transport Monitor, which tracks the vital stats of the local patients and transports this information to the doctors. The doctors get access to this information real time on their BlackBerry PlayBook through their Central Monitoring system. Through this mechanism, the doctors can respond real time to local care takers for immediate action.


Healthcare Applications on BlackBerry AppWorld


Pregnancy Fitness – (BlackBerry smartphones and Tablet) – (Rs. 97)

Whether you are a first time mom or a fully multi-tasking mother of several, we wanted to help all mothers-to be with advice and how to exercise care for themselves to make a healthy and easier transition into a wonderful world of parenthood. This app was created to pull information together in one place to make it easier to find for the expectant mother. The app provides an exercise routine that can be done while pregnant, discusses nutrition needs for you and your baby, gives you tips for issues that can arise during the pregnancy, and provides a link to the pregnancy section of the National Women’s Health and Information Center.

FoodGauge – (BlackBerry smartphones) – (Rs. 111)

FoodGauge is a revolutionary food rating system that helps you make healthier eating choices by analyzing the types of foods that you are putting into your body. FoodGauge makes understanding nutrition labels easy. Trying to figure out if a food is going to cause weight loss or weight gain by reading a nutrition label is confusing.  FoodGauge makes it easy by implementing a simple five point rating system. Foods that score a four or a five are most likely to assist in weight loss. Food that scores a three should be eaten in moderation, while those with a score of two or one should be eaten sparingly, as they will likely lead to weight gain.

Runtastic GPS sports assistant for running and biking – (BlackBerry smartphones) – (Free)

Runtastic for your BlackBerry® is an all-in-one exercise assistant designed to help you get the most out of your exercise regimen. With runtastic on your device, never again will you have to purchase individual gadgets to monitor your progress. We provide you with all the necessary data to optimize your workout results. Here are some of the amazing features of runtastic app:

Track exercises via GPS: Automatically records time, distance, calories burned, speed, elevation and more!  View your current position and route on map

  • Altitude/Speed diagram
  • Computation of calories
  • Training diary: History of your exercises
  • Upload your sport activities to the runtastic sport portal
  • Share your activities on Facebook

In Case of Emergency (ICE) – (BlackBerry smartphones) – (Free)

When you can’t give rescue personnel your vital, medical information, JaredCo’s I.C.E. kicks in with everything paramedics need.This simple app has saved lives, and it could save yours in case of emergency, providing EMTs with critical personal and medical data: your name, who to contact, important notification telephone numbers, blood type, allergies, your physician’s name and number, the meds you take, existing medical conditions – even the name of your health insurer, so you get the medical attention you need now. No delays. Ideal for seniors and their families, folks with existing medical conditions, patients taking serious meds and all of us who drive, or simply cross the street each day. With JaredCo’s  Blackberry I.C.E., even if you or a loved one is unconscious, rescuers have all the information they need at the touch of an icon. This Blackberry app is a life-saver and we have the proof – e-mails and letters describing how I.C.E. saved a life. It’s just one more way JaredCo apps make life better. And longer.

Swim Trainer — Be a professional swimmer – (BlackBerry smartphones) – (Rs. 37)

Swim Trainer — Use this app and be proficient in swimming.

  • Swimming is the, one of the best exercise for muscles of the chest, arms and core development
  • If you’re very serious about increasing your strength or are you beginner in swimming or are you preparing any swimming competition then this app is designed for you!!!
  • Swimming is very important exercise for weight loss
  • In this application there will be a predefined 4 week program, so you no need to remember schedule
  • Rest timer is also defined in this application, so no need to use/run stop watch

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