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3D Virtual Keyboard Making its way to BlackBerry 10!

The expectations are limitless from RIM on their upcoming savior BlackBerry 10 OS which will release later this year. Past acquisitions made by the company will create a completely new designed BlackBerry platform. Getting an early look of BB10 Superphone & OS previously, the source from N4BB hints another unexpected feature – 3D Virtual Keyboard which is supposedly made by TAT(The Astonishing Tribe), a solid UI professionals from Sweden recently bought by RIM. TAT works has been impressive on the BlackBerry PlayBook & bringing the Cascades to NDK was a huge successor tool for developers to make cool UI effects. The sources revealed:

  • BlackBerry 10 has a new 3D virtual keyboard built likely from TAT Cascades. The keyboard mimics the authentic physical BlackBerry keyboard. RIM is also working on implementing a vibration response when keys are hit. They’re calling it ‘vibration feedback’. We’re not sure how this might differ from what is commonly known as haptic feedback.
  • Additionally, we’re told that BlackBerry 10 will literally utilize TAT Cascade animations in nearly everything. We’re only going to get a small glimpse in PlayBook OS 2 through 3, but will see it full-blown in BlackBerry 10. So far we’ve seen a small preview of this from those leaked BlackBerry 10 images.

Some of TAT Works

BlackBerry PlayBook Stereoscopic 3D Demo (FireFly Media Manager)

BlackBerry PlayBook WebWorks Demo (VIDEO)

Cascades Demo: Rich UI Development for BlackBerry Apps

List of RIM acquisitions by RIM >>


Source: N4BB

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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