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Breakfast with BBin: Some interesting apps, Media Server spotted on OS 7.1

Some good news published yesterday, in case you missed:

We would pass on some apps for your BlackBerry Smartphone that helps you start your day:

BBin native app for BlackBerry

Business Today

Free JustDial

Free Ditto TV – Live TV

Free timesPoynt –  Local Search

Media Server Spotted on 7.1

From most recent OS 7.1 leaks for 9810, 9900, 9860, etc., we spotted an additional feature called Media Server. There were news RIM were planning to add Media Server on Smartphones which might stream SAMBA/DLNA. Check out some screenshots:

We’ll post more info about this tool in a while, we are still exploring. If you are updated to OS you can find under Music (or any other media) Options. Try it out and help us sending tips what you could find more.

View from Windows Media Player sharing BlackBerry 9810 files over local network:

Have a nice day!

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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