SilentCam: Take picture without the shutter sound

The most annoying part of the Camera application is that whenever you take a picture you hear the shutter sound. Even if you set the sound to Mute you still hear the shutter sound. SilentCam purpose is to let you take a picture of the screen and save it without hearing the shutter sound.

You can not change the picture resolution when saving with SilentCam. It will only save the screen resolution. As an example if you have the Bold 9900 the picture size will be saved in 640×480 and if you have the 9700 it will be saved in 480×360. You can zoom in and out of the picture before you save. You can configure SilentCam to take 1 or up to 20 pictures at one time and even tell SilentCam to quit when it is finished taking the picture(s). You can also set the delay from No Delay to 3 seconds between each take. Pictures can be saved to the System Pictures folder or you can assign a new folder on the SD Card to save too. SilentCam is a perfect tool to take sample pictures quickly or if you need to take pictures quietly.


  • Save the screen without the shutter sound
  • Save the System Pictures folder or SD Card folder
  • Save 1 or up to 20 pictures in one take
  • Set the delay between each take
  • Automatically quit the application when finished taking the picture(s)
  • Zoom in and out
  • Picture is saved in JPG uncompressed format
  • Easy to use

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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