BlackBerry 10 Smartphones to Have One Standard Resolution; BB10 OS Coming to PlayBook!

The world is waiting for RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 OS to hit market later this year. With the power of all acquisitions made by RIM will shine upon this promising overhaul BlackBerry. Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations at RIM foretold developers many times that the current BlackBerry PlayBook resolution(1024×600) will be carried to the future BlackBerry Superphones running the same core operating system. And following to this, Senior Alliance Manager of RIM Middle East, Lewa Abukhait, confirms all BlackBerry 10 Superphones will feature similar resolution screens at the Tbreak Developers Conference yesterday. This news is great for all developers seeking into builds & also consumers for the extreme picture quality display. Now the question arises: Will RIM abandon starter Curve series for high resolution Superphones? Or will they apply to every? 2012 will say it all #BeBold 😉


Cascades UI in BlackBerry 10

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Rob Orr, RIM’s VP of product management at RIM has confirmed to TechRadar that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be getting BB10 OS once its ready! “We’ve said publicly a number of times that our first BB10 handset will be available towards the end of 2012, and that’s still firmly the case,. “At some point after the launch we’ll bring BB10 to our PlayBooks, yes.” said Orr. This means the unified operating system BB10 OS is what RIM wants & is getting this year if all goes as planned. Can’t wait to play around with cascades UI!

Soucre: TBreak ; TechRadar

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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