Contest: 8 Lucky participants could win money to use on MobileVoIP!

One of my frequent usage app of the month is none other than MobileVoIP, the VoIP client for BlackBerry which really works amazing and great to know they are releasing new updates to add and fix the app. This week it got updated to v.2.3.

Changelog v.2.3:

change: now uses tcp connection on BIS connections, should be more stable
bug-fix: several fixes in local access screens that could hang/crash MobileVoip
bug-fix: fixed empty provider list when not connected
bug-fix: restarts connection if necessary when selecting “create new user”
bug-fix: create new sms screen now displays correctly again
bug-fix: restarts audio playback when player is stopped because sound notification is played

How to enter the Contest?

  1. Download MobileVoIP on your BlackBerry®
  2. Create a NEW account using the MobileVoIP app with HOTVOIP service provider. Only for new registrars.
  3. Follow MobileVoIP on Twitter (@_MobileVOIP) & LIKE on Facebook.
  4. They want you to share a thought on ‘How MobileVoIP app is helpful to you’ or a good story/experience with MobileVoIP by leaving a comments section below. For example, ‘How MobileVoIP app for BlackBerry® saves the day’.
  5. Also share your words on Twitter with a mention @_MobileVOIP @BB_in & on their Facebook about MobileVoIP. This will really helps to increase your chances to win!

This contest is open to all BBin readers worldwide.

Giveaway to 8 participants:

– Grand Prize: 2 lucky participants to get €50 Free HOTVOIP Credit each. (to be used through MobileVOIP)
– 6 Runners up: 6 participants to get €25 Euro HOTVOIP credit each. (to be used through MobileVOIP)

Any questions, may ask in the comments below.

 Download and get started with the contest right now!

Know more and more download links >>

Developers of MobileVoip for BlackBerry talks to BBin


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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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