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And the Winner of RIM & BBin Giveaway is…


Irfan Intekhab

from Hyderabad

Winner of the ‘BlackBerry Boys’ Music Contest

for mobile viewing pleasure

Another awesome contest has come to an end! We loved all the entries & every participant proved how much they Love BlackBerry. The theme ‘Music‘ of this giveaway was uniquely planned to uprise the unseen talent of young Indians & all songs proves the success we aimed for. However every contest leads one winner & its always a tough job to pick the best among several.

It is a BlackBerry‘ by Irfan Intekhab has blown our minds off! Sensual lyrics & Jazz style music have made us go crazy over BlackBerry again. The talented artist puts a tremendous effort to explain a CrackBerry lifestyle with a mould of personifying all BlackBerry Smartphone models as well. We congratulate Irfan once again for his success & hope for a better future. Hit play above to listen to his song!


It is a statement to carry around
Head turner with a distinct sound
So many love it just as a phone
Many love its notification tone
It is a necessity for some
Without which they are none
They get their all work done, with an
Efficiency rating number one
It is a BlackBerry, BlackBerry, BlackBerry, hooo

Stylish, powerful and Bold
Or a light Curvy mould
Igniting like a sparkling Torch
Or a classy Pearl top notch
It is an entertainment for some
Without which they go deaf and dumb
It is where they get their energy from
And start feeling like number one
It is a BlackBerry, BlackBerry, BlackBerry, hooo

Sharing pictures, videos and music
BBM-ing friends or a plastic
Making plans while on the go
No hassles no hectic so
Can be confident to the core
When you know for sure…you have a BlackBerry, BlackBerry, BlackBerry, hooo

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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