BlackBerry Apps: No Tobacco Day!

Eventually the brand BlackBerry has passed many phases in its lifetime. It was just a Business device initially but later on became a successful platform for consumers as well. With flowing of large number of apps in App World past few quarters RIM now has a respectable native competing store. Today we gather few apps from App World that keeps you healthy & helps you quit smoking.

With the world running on mobile 24 x 7, a smartphone is probably the best device you can bet on to promote long-term health.  BlackBerry presents another interesting set of applications for the ‘World No Tobacco Day’ encouraging abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption. These apps will track the financial consequences of your smoking habits, record your habits frequency and severity and tailor a personal ‘quit-smoking’ schedule. What’s more! Should you feel de-motivated at any point, these apps will give you tips and help understand the benefits of a life without a smoke.

Quit Smoking Tracker (US$ 1.99)

Item Description

  • Smoking seriously harms you & others around you.
  • Smokers die hunger.
  • Track for how much time you have quit smoking & stay motivated
  • Also track the amount of money saved, the life you extended, the cigarettes you avoided, the
    chemicals you avoided since you quit smoking.

No Smoking for BlackBerry PlayBook (US$ 4.99)

Item Description

No Smoking is an app made for anyone who is having troubles breaking their habit. No Smoking is an
app designing to slowly wean you off your habit. The app starts in learn mode where it records your
habits frequency and severity. When you are ready to quit you exit learn mode and begin quit mode. At
this point the app tailors a quit schedule based on the data it has collected during learn mode. Unlike
patches that have 3 stages which quickly drop your nicotine levels between phases, No Smoking slowly
drops your nicotine levels over time. You will hardly notice you’ve cut back until you’ve quit. There is
also a motivation and tip section for when you are feeling weak or you are slipping off your schedule.
The app also keeps track of some very interesting statistics including averages, maximums, minimums,
saved money, saved tar and nicotine levels and more. Even if you aren’t ready to quit, buy this app and
run it for a while, then check the stats and you may just change your mind. All future updates to this
app will be free of charge to anyone who has purchased any version. For a little more than the price of a
pack of smokes you won’t regret purchasing this app.

  • learn unlimited number of smokes
  • keep track of money, smokes, nicotine and more
  • quit at your own pace with many options to tailor to your situation
  • manually add or remove smokes for when you forget
  • motivation and tips for when you are feeling weak

This application may need to download the Qt runtime libraries, use of WIFI is recommended for

Smoking Calculator Free (Free)

Item Description

Smoking Calculator Free allows you to calculate the cost of your smoking habit over days, weeks,
months and years. Simply enter the age you started to smoke and your current age. Enter the number of
cigarettes you smoke daily, how many cigarettes are in a pack, and the cost of a pack of cigarettes. The
calculator will automatically determine the amount you smoke and the cost accumulated over a day,
week, month, year, and since you started smoking. Use this app to help you understand the financial
consequences of your habit. This app is also useful for doctors and dentists, other healthcare providers,
or anyone who wishes to educate patients, friends or family members on the costs of their smoking
habit. While using this calculator, you will also enjoy a slideshow of public-domain royalty-free archival
images related to smoking.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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