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HowTo: Switch BlackBerry 7 Smartphones Using a MicroSD Card

A new feature in BlackBerry® 7 OS is the ability to quickly switch from one BlackBerry 7 smartphone to another BlackBerry 7 smartphone using a MicroSD card. This allows for a speedy transfer of your personal data between two BlackBerry 7 smartphones without the need for a USB cable or computer.

If you are upgrading from a device with BlackBerry® 6 software or earlier, you’ll need to use a computer and the following instructions to transfer your data using BlackBerry® Desktop Software:

Before we begin, a very important thing you should know is that this feature does not back up and transfer applications downloaded from BlackBerry App World™. It is meant to be a way to quickly switch your personal data such as contacts, calendar and profiles only.

Since this is the case, after completing a device switch using a MicroSD card, open BlackBerry App World on your new smartphone and select My World, and you’ll be able to reinstall all of your favorite apps and games.

With that being said, here’s an overview of how to complete the device switch using a MicroSD card.


Part 1: Backing up Your Data

First, we need to back up your personal data on your current device. Something to keep in mind is that your BlackBerry smartphone will NOT be able to make phone calls, send or receive messages, or exit from the backup screen once you have started this process. You are able to click “Cancel” at anytime.

  1. On your current device, from the Home screen or a folder select “Setup”
  2. Select “Device Switch” and then “Using a Media Card”
  3. To copy data to the media card select “Save Data”
  4. If you would like to transfer emails, select the box next to “Save Emails”
  5. When ready select “Save Emails”
  6. Create a password and confirm it then press “Continue” to begin the device switch.

Once completed, you will need to transfer your MicroSD card and, if your device has one, the SIM card to the new BlackBerry smartphone.

Part 2: Restoring Your Data

If you are turning on your new BlackBerry 7 smartphone for the first time, it will bring you to the Setup screen after a short opening video. If this is the case, jump to step 2. Otherwise, start with step 1.

  1. On your new device, from the home screen or a folder select “Setup”
  2. Select “Device Switch” and then “Using a Media Card”
  3. Select “Transfer Data” and then “Continue”
  4. When prompted, enter the password you created on your old device and click “Continue”.

Tip: After the data transfer is complete, select “Delete Saved Data” to free up the space used for the backup on the micro SD card.

Now that you have your data transferred, re-install your apps and games from BlackBerry App World using the My World feature


Source: InsideBlackBerry

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