Facebook Updates in Beta Zone


The native Facebook client for BlackBerry smartphones gets another tiny beta v3.2.0.9 update. If you like being a tester, head over to Beta Zone & grab it today!

Change log:

    • Updated help URLs for Facebook 3.2
    •     Auto-linking to Facebook friends in address book did not occur
    •     Menu items missing for 5.0 devices
    •     Scrolling Issues on the BlackBerry Curve 9360
    •     Sharing a friend’s photo creates a comment on wall instead of posting the photo
    •     Long user name is cutoff in profile header on profile screen
    •     Some friends are not displayed in friends list with large user account
    •     When the user opens the photo comment notification and commends after friend, only “comment” is displayed in the outgoing notifications list
    •     Can’t Scroll in the Menu “Notifications” with Touch Screen
    •     Unable to comment on my own photo (won’t send) (Error 2121)
    •     Title on Group Wall publisher changes: initially using full name, then switching to first name
    •     Null shows in location field of an event in calendar
    •     A blank event screen displays after event is canceled while you trying to refresh screen
    •     Initial scroll up will not take user to the top of the Event Wall – Event Photo, Title and Type are not visible
    •     Facebook message always stays in sending status

Visit BlackBerry Beta Zone >>

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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