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BlackBerry 10 Will Have Highest Apps on Launch!

It is no doubt RIM is trying their best to inbound developers to BlackBerry platform with ongoing BlackBerry Jam Sessions around the globe. With meeting them personally, giving a dedicated device – BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha to make apps, is no wonder getting them paid off positively. Alec Saunders, RIM’s vice president of developer relations and ecosystem development, had a seat with CNET to share some words on upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. He mentioned that BlackBerry 10 will have more apps than any other first-generation operating system. Thanks to already built apps available on BlackBerry PlayBook, the rough count of apps automatically placed into App World is 100,000! Beat that Windows 8 😛

Source: CNET

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  1. It is not about the quantity but quality. More over BB should focus country by country approach in Apps market. There are so many application in BB which may not be used at all by say guys like me, who is at India. Android and windows, even Iphone have apps targeting country specific issues. BB must take this into consideration.

  2. Well said Shriram, RIM needs to get their apps universal and that will bring them popularity and revenue. I’d also like to point out that since owning my PlayBook, I have not been able to use the front facing camera for video chat due to the fact none of my friends have one which currently is the only way to video chat. If RIM wants to get people talking they need more than a number of apps, they need quality apps, BIG name apps people want that are popular among their friends like Netflix, Hulu, kindle, Skype, Yahoo messenger, OoVoO etc… What good is having a feature you can’t even use!

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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