Compose Music with Free Groovy Beats DJ Mixer for PlayBook!

“Hey DJ!” BlackBerry PlayBook has always been impressive when it comes to possibilities! XLABZ Technologies have released their new mixer app – Groovy Beats – DJ Mixer today on App World which enables users to create their own music by applying several squares on grid. Each row on the grid corresponds to a different instrument/sound while each column corresponds to a different point in time. Just tap on any of the squares to select your sounds and you’re good to go! Best of all, this app is absolutelyFREE!

Main Features:

• Choose from a huge collection of sounds. Browse through Groovy Beats’ sound library and buy even more groovy sound packs!
• Options to save your favorite tracks and load them back
• Loop: Hit the Loop button to play a particular beat in a continuous loop. You can also adjust the tempo.
• Draft: Toggle between Draft and Final play modes. Draft mode allows quick playback and editing on the fly, while the Final mode is more precise, but takes a little more time to generate.

Groovy Beats Sounds:

• Bass/ Kick Drums
• Snares
• Percussions
• Synth/Bass
• Guitar
• Piano
• Loops
• And more….

Groovy Beats Sound Packs:

• Africa
• Rock/Pop
• Trance
• Dance
• Hiphop
• Arabia

Download Groovy Beats – DJ Mixer for PlayBook >>

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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