Breakfast with BBin: BBin got featured! New BB10 demo by Vivek, Cricket on PlayBook, more…

Sunday but no funday after the tragic news of natural death of Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray. The Mumbai city was shut down and might remain shut for next 3 days as Shiv Sena party demands. For more news, redirect to some news channel  X_X


BBin app for PlayBook got featured on App World!

Look out for our app featured on BlackBerry PlayBook App World carousel, we want to see it again on BlackBerry 10 App World in 2013 because we have also submitted BBin app for BlackBerry 10!

If you haven’t downloaded the BBin app for BlackBerry Smartphone or PlayBook yet, get on it right now >>

Bloomberg interviews Vivek Bhardwaj

Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of Software for BlackBerry was interviewed and asked to demo the BlackBerry 10 by Bloomberg. This is very recent video and we noticed the BlackBerry 10 OS is just getting better and smooth. Its a nice detailed video where you can learn about how BlackBerry 10 would be and show to your friends rather you explaining them.

RIM Blackberry 10 Gives User Balance, Bhardwaj Says

Stick Cricket Super Sixes

The creators of the chart-topping Stick Cricket®, the most popular cricket game in the world, bring you Super Sixes – a revolutionary new batting game!

Instead of facing mere mortals, your opponent is the state-of-the-art Bowlomatic 3000: a sadistic bowling machine that is hell bent on wiping you out.

My personal highest score is 119 which was on my 3rd try, beat my score!


Have a nice day!

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Written by Shahzoor Ali


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