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[PICS] BlackBerry 10 L-Series Compares Itself with Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Lumia 820 & iPhone5!

We’ve seen enough of BlackBerry 10 L-Series leaked images but openly welcome more & more till its officially out there! Today we receive another additional image to the timeline & this time the smartphone bravely poses against its competitors – Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Lumia 820 & Apple iPhone 5. Apart from all being touch-screen slabs, the BlackBerry 10 stands out completely with its button-less design & the size?… It’s a user perspective deal but I’m very happy with this rumored 4.2″ L-Series smartphone.


Source: BlackBerryFans

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  1. Loving what I hear about BBM10, only now wondering whether to stick to the physical keyboard as per my 9900 or go for the bigger screen. Interesting to see it next to a Note2. Tried out a friends and loved it. Will probably stick to BB regardless but would love to see a Note-sized BlackBerry.

  2. A Note sized BB…its called ‘Playbook’…lol. I was big into the qwerty physical keyboard as well. I had the torch 9800 and the keyboard stopped working before I was up for an upgrade. Used only the touchscreen from January to August. Now I have 9810 and I use physical qwerty…maybe 5% of the time. BB10 will kick @$$•

  3. I like what I am hearing and seeing with the blackberry 10, have been waiting for quite sometime. I am sure the wait is going to be worth it. What is all the hype about ? I still love my Blackberry. Bigger display is welcome news. Rim is on the right path getting it right for Blackberry users, knowing the competition did not tempt us as it came up short of our expections.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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