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RIM Designs New Powerful Smartphone Docking Station

Research In Motion is one among few cellular mobile tech giants that innovates technologies & evidently the company is still on track chasing advance goals. It has been said numerous times that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 is a mobile computing platform rather than just an upgraded operating system. Services in automobiles & other workspaces has its kernel QNX running already so there is indeed a backup for RIM to move further on releasing different type of products. This newly found patent, filed last year, has unveiled where RIM will/is heading beyond apart from just being a Smartphones & Tablets producers.

Here is a written background of the patent:

With the advent of more robust electronic systems, advancements of electronic devices are becoming more prevalent. Electronic devices can provide a variety of functions including, for example, telephonic functions, electronic messaging functions and other personal information manager (PIM) application functions, Handheld electronic devices can include mobile stations, such as cellular telephones, smart telephones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptop computers, and desktop computers.

Such electronic devices allow the user to perform several functions, including placing voice calls and interacting with content, including text messages, email messages, address books, calendars, task lists, word processing documents and browser content. Existing electronic devices are heavy and bulky. The weight and bulk of existing electronic devices are generally attributable to large-sized components, heavy batteries and connector terminals. What is needed is a technology that separates the electronic device into a light-weight wireless control module that communicates with a docking station module using a short range radio communication device and a docking station module that communicates with a cellular network using a long range radio communication device.

Not to be amazed, the product mentioned suits to be a business oriented & its all about getting things done. In my earlier post I covered how RIM can demolish Desktops/Laptops at work & replace them with more powerful yet portable smartphones. Keeping that in mind this device (if created) can be an add-on to employees on the go. The dock has a pull-out tray & technically syncs data with the smartphone when it is placed into it. The transmission is possibly done over Bluetooth wirelessly after connecting via NFC. If you observe the happenings once connected, the flowing nature of data sounds very similar to current BlackBerry Bridge feature that syncs a BlackBerry Smartphone data with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet but of course the devices shown here are irrelevant. Below is another file image where the smartphone is placed below the keypad & acts itself as a mouse touchpad – again a feature from BlackBerry Bridge ‘Remote Control’. On the whole, the idea seems promising deal for enterprise market sector. Let’s wait & see how RIM implements it in their future products portfolio.

Source: PatentBolt via CrackBerry

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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