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SayIt Voice Assistant for BlackBerry 10 & BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available!

Love to have a personal assistant on your BlackBerry device? Just complete tasks by saying it to SayIt & see wonders happening. Voice command feature has boomed recently though, it was already featured on BlackBerry smartphones since ages but its functionality & importance has been polished to next level by the tech-shiner company Apple with introducing Siri last year. Similarly, Android has taken up the pace as well & has added very intuitive functions to its core systems. We’ve seen RIM also prepping something in Waterloo to compete with these competitors in this video. Here we have SayIt, by a group of Vietnamese BachKhoa University developers, is a voice recognition and assistant software made from scratch. Take a look at these images below to know what all you can command to task.

Download/Purchase SayIt for PlayBook >>

usable commands
navigation assistance
weather assistance

Download/Purchase SayIt for PlayBook >>

Raise your voice

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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