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[VIDEO] PlayStation Portable Emulator (PPSSPP) Heading Its Way to Blackberry 10!

RIM will revolutionize its platform with introducing the powerful BlackBerry 10 OS early next year which will not just enhance the work experience but also entertain the hardcore gaming fans as well. Binding Scoreloop to its native genes, BB10 will support all next-gen mobile games incredibly well with featuring more options than you can find on any other platform, i.e. BBM Connected, GamesHub (native BlackBerry Game Room app) & of course Scoreloop integrated stats. Using the most of dev tools, one of this unknown developer named xSacha posted his upcoming app PPSSPP (PlayStation Portable Emulator) for BlackBerry 10 which enables all titles of good old Sony PlayStation console games to run over BB10 devices! This means you already have a big load of games library available for the platform apart from thousands of filling in. Watch the video to see how well it performs on BlackBerry Dev Alpha unit.

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  1. mintvillayeah, i have a htc desire, and i payed for it off aordnid market, feel like i should now have a refund from google since they took it off? anyways, it psx4droid never really worked that well, most games loaded but ran slow.FPse however runs near perfect. fighting and racing games are great to see how well games run (as they have a timer so you can see if its running fullspeed) and everything ive thrown at FPse runs great, while psx4droid i had mixed results.However i have not tried the new 3.0 version (as i have no need)on a side note ive purchased nds4droid which is the nintendo ds emulator, doesnt run that well on the desire but is half decent already on my advent vega (tegra2 processor) and i emailed the guy and it doesnt support dual cores yet, once it does it should run near perfect aswell.

  2. xSacha is unknown ??? BITCH PLEASE 😛 .xSacha is one of playbook’s most recognized developer and cracking expert . He has made huge strides in playbook rooting and hacking techniques .

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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