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VIKI is Ready for Personal Assistance on BlackBerry 10!


Agrima Infotech, the makers of India’s first humanoid controlled robot brings their patented voice assistance app VIKI to BlackBerry 10! This exclusive BlackBerry application acts as a personal assistant to all your needs such as real-time news, weather forecasts, browse movies, sports scores, conversions , navigation etc.  It also schedules your meeting, set reminders and lot more. VIKI is developed on the basis guidance from RIM’s Innovation Zone Startup Village. The app will be available at launch of Blackberry 10 on BlackBerry world. Can’t wait to try it!

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  1. VIKI Personal Assistant App Coming To BlackBerry 10 July 19th
    JULY 17, 2013
    BlackBerry’s personal assistant will be making her debut on July 19th. VIKI’s developers confirmed the upcoming release to those who had shown interest in the app. There was beta testing for it, but that was closed months ago. And it will be ready to go in just two days.
    We are glad to inform you that VIKI-The personal assistant is going to be available in Blackberry app world from 19th July 2013 onwards. We really appreciate your patience and we really thank you for your interest in the ap

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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