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[PICS] BlackBerry Z10 takes Stunning Pictures Overall. Proves the Haters “Holding it Wrong”


New BlackBerry Z10 holds an amazing 8MP rear camera taking some stunning pictures like the one above. The young photographer JT White takes the Z10 in wild to test against its competitor handsets & also anti-BlackBerry tech bloggers who says its worse than any other. And the action begins!

Photography is an art, a perfect marriage of one’s creative mind & its producing practice. A Camera is a source of this practice. Buying a Hasselblad doesn’t make you a photographer. It’s the skill that makes images come alive whether you use a xxxMP camera or just any cheap VGA. Saying this, we hear some fools discriminating BlackBerry Z10 camera without actually using it properly.


Retouches like Black & White, Lomo etc. has been done from BlackBerry Z10’s photo editor itself. The purpose to share this post is to show you how well the Z10 camera performs even in low light conditions. Don’t go for anti-BlackBerry reviews. Go check it out Yourself!

Words from JT

After a day or so with the Blackberry Z10 I can honestly say I dig it. Give me some apps and it’s the first phone I could realistically see taking the place of the iPhone as my mobile shooter.

More BlackBerry Z10 Photos from JT >>


Source: BerryReview

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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