How To: BlackBerry Link Not Recognizing Your Z10? Try This


BlackBerry Link is the new BlackBerry Desktop Software for BlackBerry 10 devices. It helps you manage, sync & backup/restore data of your BlackBerry 10 smartphones. It also helps in switching your devices by transferring all data from old Berry to the new one. Unfortunately we observe some BlackBerry Z10 owners facing problems connecting to BlackBerry Link. This error is basically due to the Windows operating system & can be fixed instantly! Just follow the guide below.

“So first you open the  device manager from Control Panel. With the device manager open, scroll down to network adapter section.
In my case there was an additional item “Blackberry #3? or something similar.  Doesn’t matter what the name was, the important part is it had an exclamation point on it because the driver wasn’t valid.  Look for any blackberry related driver with an exclamation through it.”
BlackBerry Link Not Recognizing Your Z10? Try This
 Now, double click on the exclamation marked BlackBerry Device, go to Drivers tab & click Uninstall. The Last step is very simple. Just click the “Scan for hardware Changes” button located to the right most of Device Manger icon set (Monitor with magnifying glass). The list gets refreshed & you should now see a BlackBerry Device #x with no exclamation mark. Once found, unplug your BlackBerry Z10 & plug it in back again. Voila! BlackBerry Link will now connect to your phone seamlessly.
Thanks Harold
Source: N4BB

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  1. Hi, I tried what you suggested but in network adapters area there are just 2 lines, one for Blackberry Device and the other for Blackberry Virtual Private Network. Both have no exclamation mark and seems to be working fine.
    I can´t get to connect my Z10 to BB Link. It states that I should restore factory settings but I’ve done that several times with no success. I’m running now my Z10 with OS version.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your support,

  2. I am having the same problem that Hector has and this delete process does not work. Also it states that the device should restore to factory settings. If somebody finds a solution please post it.

  3. I am facing the same problem mentioned by Hector and EFB.
    Did many re-installing, updating of desktop manager, blackberry link, Z10 and at the end the result is always the same. In Blackberry Link the message is always:
    In network adapters area there are just 2 lines:
    Blackberry Device
    Blackberry Virtual Private Network
    Both have no exclamation mark

  4. Same problem here. Link clearly “detects” the device, since is shows up in the bottom tab bar as “BlackBerry”, although the device name doesn’t appear. It offers to reload the software, which I actually did once. It didn’t solve the problem, and it took quite a while to get everything back the way I wanted it. I won’t do that again. I don’t care so much about media sync as I do about app data and settings backup.

    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Link several times. I’ve also tried disabling anti-virus software on the PC. The result is always the same: Not connected to BlackBerry. I can use USB Mass Storage mode with no problem.

  5. In case anyone else is still having trouble with this, here is something else to try.

    I was having a similar problem with my Q10. It was working fine all the while since I bought it, but then this weekend the computer wouldn’t recognize it, and BlackBerry Link couldn’t see it. I was getting an error message that ‘a device on the USB port was not recognized.’ At first I thought it might be related to changing my computer password, since I had had some trouble with my PlayBook because of that. I signed out from my BB ID, and signed in again, and I also tried updating my BlackBerry ID password. No dice.

    When I found the instructions above, I tried those but found only the BlackBerry Virtual Private Network listed in the device manager, but no BB device driver. Turning off the BB, and then connecting it to the computer caused the BB to boot, and Windows to install the driver. I don’t know why this wouldn’t occur when the connection to the BB was made while it was turned on, but there you go.

    The situation is back to normal: I can plug in the USB connection and the Q10 is recognized right away.


  6. I also had this issue and tried two different laptops with different OS but BB Link still did not detect my Z10. So i hit to forums like this for a solution. I found the instructions above, I tried those but found only the BlackBerry Virtual Private Network listed in the device manager, but no BB device driver. However, upon seeing Catwalker’s post i decided to give it a try and it worked! I closed the BB Link, turned off my BB, and then connected it to the computer. This caused the BB to boot and Windows to install the driver. Then I opened my BB Link and Viola! BB Link recognised my phone….the simpliest solution that actually works.

    I dont usually post comments but I had been almost miserable before this and I just had to in case I will be allievating someone else’s misery.

  7. holy, great thanks for catwalker.

    My Z10 got disconnect from my Win7 Dell PC after I upgrade it OS via BB Link, tried so so so many ways from internet.

    uninstall USB driver, uninstall the BB Link to the latest version 10/05/2013, all not work.

    Until I saw catwalker post, holy, why we forgot to restart BB Z10 and keep working on the stupid PCs?

    #1. Make sure BB Link installed properly;
    #2. Disconnect your BB from PC or USB cable;
    #3. Turn off ur BB;
    #4. Connect ur BB back to PC;
    #5. Now BB will automatically reboot by ur PC;
    #6. Then u will see ur PC start to reinstall the device driver, once it’s done, everything back to work;

    Good luck!

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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