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Tips & Tricks: Typing ‘Hinglish’ on BlackBerry Z10 is Simple


Typing on the new BlackBerry Z10 is a completely new experience & is proven to be the best keyboard found on any All-touch smartphone. With introducing the simple gesture predictive words, typing is faster than ever even with just use of one hand(or thumb ;)). But this could lead to a tiny problem to our society, the society we speak Hinglish. Though the keyboard is smart enough to learn your words automatically, here is a trick that may convenience some.

The BlackBerry Z10 keyboard not just predicts the next word, it also generate words which maybe misspelled. With the same, it may become an issue in typing Hindi words on the go. Here we show you how to disable the Space key prediction keeping other flicking words to their places. Let’s get started!

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Languages and Input & select Automated Assistance from Text Input tab
  3. IMG_00000949
  4. From the list, switch-off Enable Auto-Correction
  5. Done!

Now you may find the keyboard more convenient for Hinglish. You can also add your own shortcuts from Word Substitution found on same page.


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  1. All these things are fine. The main stumbling block for buying this mobile is its high price. For this hardware and configuration its asking price is too much. One can get still better phones with 10000/- Rupees less. Just use LG optimus G and see the difference. It costs less than 30000/- with amazing configurations, be its bigger display with IPS, Processor speed, camera and the android apps along with that of LGs own features. I am very sorry to say that unless BB see the reality and adjust its pricing it can’t be a market shacker. It will surely sell few hundred pieces no doubt but never catches the markets. BB Z10 should be priced at around 28000/- or so, in the league of Samsung Galaxy note, Nokia lumia 820…

    • Sorry to hear your disappointment but it’s not always about specifications and Android. Apps are flowing in faster than you expect. I suggest you to try the phone personally and make a verdict. Take a survey around you and you can see how well the phone is selling in India 😉

    • You get what you pay for. Despite many complaints that it’s too expensive in India, the Z10 seems to be selling well in the Indian market. It really can’t be priced much differently in different territories.

      • Well, what else can one say than All The Best! Already BB slashed its price by almost 4000/-. When the heat spreads further, I am sure survival factor will take a precedent than the class factor. You have every right to pretend but ultimately the statistics will tell the story about a product’s success. If BB wants to cater only select few, I have no complaints. As a guy who have used BB for long would like to see many people use this device, just like Samsung, HTC and even for the matter Nokia Lumia does. That’s all. I am happy and contend with my Lumia and Galaxy.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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