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Tips & Tricks: Managing Your BlackBerry HUB

Follow the guide by Ty W. to make your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone your personal.

Customizing the BlackBerry Hub

View conversation threads instead of single messages

Setting your Z10 to display email threads in conversation view instead of appearing as single messages is a great way to manage your messages. To turn on conversation view, complete the following steps:

  1. In the BlackBerry Hub, tap the action key 
  2. Tap Settings followed by Display and Actions
  3. Set Display Style to Conversation
  4. Tap Back to save your changes

Tip: Make sure you review the other options found in the Display and Actions settings such as the ability to display your message count, show filed or sent messages as well turning on the ability to download images contained in emails automatically.

Mark Prior Read and Delete Prior

A fast way to manage your messages is the ability to mark messages read in bulk as well as delete emails en mass. To do this, switch to the BlackBerry Hub, tap and hold the date banner and you’ll notice a menu slides in from the right. This menu contains options to Mark Prior Read, Delete Prior as well options to jump to the top or bottom of the BlackBerry Hub.


Note: Depending how your email account is integrated, messages that are removed from your smartphone as a result of using the Delete Prior option will also be removed from your mailbox.

Search (including filters!)

Finding a particular message using BlackBerry 10 is fast thanks to powerful search and filter options. To start a search within the BlackBerry Hub, tap Search along the bottom of the screen. After doing this, you will be able to enter a search term or tap the icon with 3 bars (circled in red below) that appears in the top left corner and you can filter your search results. For example, if you wanted to view your unread messages only all you need to do is start a search followed by tapping the 3 bar icon and selecting the Unread option.


You can also perform a search without tapping the search icon; tap and hold a message in the BlackBerry Hub and the action menu that appears on the right will contain options to Search by Subject and Search by Sender.

Quickly switch between accounts (as well as hiding them)

By default, BlackBerry Hub will display messages and notifications from all of your accounts. If you want to view a specific account however all you need to do is tap the BlackBerry button in the bottom left corner followed by tapping which account you would like to view. After doing this, to view all of your accounts again, tap the account icon in the bottom left corner followed by tapping Hub.


If you want to hide specific accounts from appearing in this menu, complete the following steps:

  1. In the BlackBerry Hub, tap the action key 
  2. Tap Settings followed by Hub Management
    • To show an account, set the switch to On
    • To hide an account, set the switch to Off

Set your default email address

When you share something (for example, a picture or a website) by email or when you compose a new email, your BlackBerry Z10 sends the email from your default email address. Depending on how you setup your Z10 you may want to change the default email address. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. While viewing your Home screen swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings followed by Accounts
  3. Along the bottom, tap Set Defaults

Tip: In addition to setting your desired default email address you can also specify which calendar should use as default whenever you are sending event invitations using your smartphone

Bonus: Setup an email signature

To set your email signature while using a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, complete the following steps:

  1. While viewing the BlackBerry Hub, tap the action key
  2. Tap Settings followed by Email Accounts
  3. Tap an email account, set Auto Signature to On and enter your desired signature
  4. When finished, tap Back to save your changes


Source: InsideBlackBerry

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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