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How much data does BBM use on BlackBerry 10?

Everyone’s aware of BlackBerry 10 workflow that its no more dependant on BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) anymore for incoming-outgoing packets. A random internet data plan is sufficient for Email, Browsing, BBM etc. on Z10 & upcoming phones from the company. In this new BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry 10, users can enjoy Video Call & Screen Share features along usual voice call & text messaging. Unlike legacy devices, these new smartphones can connect your BBM calls over cellular network when you go out of WiFi. But how much will BBM Video call, Voice Call & Screen Share charge you? Let’s find out!

Peter Barycki at has posted a very helpful homework he has done with BBM data consumption. Knowing your data usage is essential specially when you don’t have unlimited internet plans. On the whole, Peter found the following results while testing on 3G network.

  • Voice chat (no video, no screen sharing) – an average of about 1-1.5 MB per minute
  • Video call (no sharing the screen with a continuous sound) – an average of about 5-7 MB per minute
  • Screen sharing (continuously changing images, documents, applications, the continuous sound) – an average of about 4-6 MB per minute



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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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