This article is a continuation of ‘Are you ready for Q10? We are, with a Q10‘ where I decided to prove to you, and challenge myself to travel & cover the whole BlackBerry Q10 launch event using a BlackBerry Q10. So did I succeed? In short, Yes! In brief, continue reading.


It all started at 5am! I was dressed & geared up with 100% battery which dropped to 95% till I checked-in at the airport using Remember app – holding my e-Ticket. The picture above was taken the moment I grabbed my window seat. It was then time to switch off my signals & play games.

BlackBerry Travel welcomed me to Delhi as soon as I switched OFF flight mode. The notification even showed me the day’s temperature & later, the forecast. The battery level was almost the same but I experienced a heavy drop down of 10% within 20mins. Supposedly, Airtel 3G sucks battery to the core in Delhi & Yes I agree to that! For some reason EDGE was performing faster than HSPA+/3G. So I forcefully switched back to EDGE and continued to chase my task.


picture taken with 360 Panorama

I reached Le Meridien  around 10:45am & the battery struck 75%. I always have Blaq running on my homescreen. It’s the best twitter client you can find on ANY platform. So I started tweeting simultaneously with both – @BB_in & @shahriyarali accounts as the event started rolling. Later on I managed to click some pictures and a couple of videos in between. WordPress app helped me update posts from the launch. The conference ended around 1:30pm and I was still charged with 50%. In the remaining time I tried some panoramic shots with 360 Panorama, did another BBin hands-on with a BlackBerry Q10. The room was dark & my Q10 managed to get some pretty good shots of its white variant (I own a black).

All packed & I was ready to get back on the airplane with expected 20% remaining battery after 12hrs of usage. Thankfully, the painful flight delay reminded me to create a launch video on Story Maker & this is what I made within 30 seconds!

All in all, BlackBerry Q10 has proven its power & I rank it to be the best smartphone out there for people who need to keep moving 😉

Thanks Andy!