Stay Up-to-Date with Reliance ICC Rankings for BlackBerry 10


The Reliance ICC Rankings App provides an indispensable guide to following the official team and player rankings for men’s and women’s international cricket. Check out the latest standings in the Reliance ICC Team Rankings for the different formats of the game and predict how upcoming matches and series can affect the latest standings.

Compare and contrast the fortunes of your favourite teams in the past, using our historical team rankings tool, and see when your country was at its strongest in history. Follow the latest table for the Reliance ICC Player Rankings or check out your cricketing hero using our player search tool. There are also exciting new elements, available exclusively on this App for the first time, including allowing fans to compare the historical ratings of teams from some of the greatest matches of all time. Have you ever wondered how teams from different eras compared? There is also a tool that allows you to compare the ratings of some of the greatest sides in history, to help fuel debates with friends on who were the strongest sides from different eras. This is the first release of the Reliance ICC Rankings App, which will be updated with further features in the future, and is a must-have addition to any international cricket fan’s App collection.

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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