Tips & Tricks: Getting started with the BlackBerry 10 Calculator (Must Read)

BlackBerry 10 smartphones comes with tons of pre-loaded goodies. Apart from social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & entertainment apps like, BlackBerry Games, Story maker etc. productivity also comes along & one of them is the powerful calculator app. Today we share a guide prepared by Ty Williams from Inside BlackBerry to let you know more about the native Calculator app.

With the release of BlackBerry 10.1 for BlackBerry 10 devices several changes have been made to the calculator. Here’s an updated overview of the calculator so you can take advantage of some of the extremely handy features built into your device.

For example, the next time you need to convert your weight between pounds and kilograms, finding the answer takes only a few taps of your finger thanks to the unit convertor.

Switch between standard or scientific mode

To change your calculator from standard to scientific mode just swipe left or right while viewing the calculator.

BB101-Calc-01     BB101-Calc-02

(Screenshots are from a BlackBerry Z10)


View your previous calculations

If you need to review a previous calculation, tap on the three bar icon above the keypad.

BB101-Calc-03     BB101-Calc-04

(Screenshots are from a BlackBerry Q10)

Convert units (lengths, speed and more!)

A handy feature that’s built in to your smartphone is the ability to use the calculator to convert one unit of measurement to another. After opening the Calculator, tap Converter and set the units you’d like to convert. When you enter a value it will be automatically converted.

BB101-Calc-05     BB101-Calc-06

(Screenshots are from a BlackBerry Q10)

Here’s a list of the various units you can convert between.

  • Angle (degrees, gradians, radians)
  • Area (acres, hectares, cm2, sq ft, sq in, km2, m2, sq mi, m2, sq yd)
  • Data (bit, bytes, kilobits, kilobytes, megabits, megabytes, gigabits, gigabytes, terabits, terabytes)
  • Energy (BTU, cal, ergs, ft lbf, J, kcal, kWh, Nm, Wh)
  • Length (cm, ft, in, km, m, mi, mm, yd)
  • Power (BTU/m, ft lbf/m, ft lbf/s, hp, kW, W, Nm/s)
  • Pressure (atm, bar, mm Hg, in Hg, kgf/cm2, Pa, psf, psi)
  • Speed (knots, m/s, km/h, fps, mi/h)
  • Temperature (C, F, K)
  • Time (days, h, us, ms, m, ns, s, weeks, years)
  • Volume (cu ft, cu in, c, cm3, UF fl oz, gal(lmp), gal (US), I, m3, pt (lmp), pt (US),qt (lmp), qt (US), tbsp, tsp)
  • Weight (lb, t, mg, g, oz, kg, st)

Calculate a tip (for yourself a group)

To figure out how much of a tip you’d like to leave, open the Calculator app and tap Tip. Enter the total bill, the amount of people splitting the bill and the tip percentage you’d like to give. You can also choose whether you’d like to round up or down.

BB101-Calc-07     BB101-Calc-08

(Screenshots are from a BlackBerry Q10)

What calculator feature do you use the most? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. How to use BB Z30 Calculator

    I wanna do a stamp duty calculation for singapore property.
    For example: $1000000 X 3%-$5400 = $24600.
    But i cant do it in my Z30. I’m getting 2.99999946E10
    Is there a way to get a simple calculator settings?

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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