A new build of BlackBerry Link desktop manager for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is available for Mac.



When you connected your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer without BlackBerry Link installed, a new Finder window
with start.dmg might not have opened as expected. (JI 360828)

Synchronizing Contacts and Calendars

If you synced your contacts between your device and your computer and then edited a contact’s information, the photo
associated with that specific contact might not have appeared on your computer after another sync had taken place.( JI
When you connected your device to your computer and prepare to sync your contacts, in some cases, clicking Sync
Contacts while the Preparing to sync toast message was displayed at the bottom of the screen would result in duplicate
contacts on your device.(JI 361418)
Your remote or web-based email accounts, such as iCould, might have been set as the default accounts rather than your
local email account as expected. (JI 361412)
Contacts that were created on your device might not have had the most up-to-date information after being synced with
your computer as expected. (JI 398831)
If you edited a contact on your computer and then synced your contacts with your device, if the contact was linked to
multiple photos on your device, all photos might have been removed except for one. Your device did not support syncing
multiple photos for a single contact. (JI 263799)
In some cases, contacts might not have syncedwith a new device if they were already synced with another device running
BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1. ( JI 361363)
Work email addresses might have synced as personal email addresses on your device when you manually imported
contacts from your Mac Address Book to your device. (JI 361190)

Remote File Access

In some cases, your device might have shown as Offline in your device File Manager after you signed in and out of your
BlackBerry ID on your computer in BlackBerry Link. You might have needed to wait up to two minutes to see your device
online again or you have needed to turn BlackBerry Link off and then on again in your device settings. (JI 383927)
If you accessed a file from your device and edited the file in some way, the Created date might have changed as well as the Release Notes Fixed Issues
Modified date.(JI 227431)
If your device and computer were connected via Remote File Access and you turnedBlackBerry Link off and then on again
in your device settings, your device might have reset unexpectedly. (JI 200450
You might not have been able to open large Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel files using Docs to Go on your device. (JI


If you connected a locked device to BlackBerry Link and if you clickedCancel at the Remove Device dialog box, this might
also have cancelled the prompt to enter your password and unlock the connected device. (JI 360917)

Download BlackBerry Link 1.1.1 for PC / Mac >>