Spotted: Katrina Kaif skips Xperia for Q10

Source: Pinkvilla


Looks like the brand ambassador of Sony’s Xperia doesn’t like toys. Good to see her upgrading to Q10 🙂

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  1. Blackberry 10 phone looks like toys and not Xperia!! I’m a die hard fan of BB but had to say this becaus you made fun of Xperia!! Blackberry doesn’t have a good camera on their phones!! Xperia Z1 has 20.7 MP camera and the fatest processor in an android phone! See the build quality of Xperia! Its made of Glass and Aluminum!! Blackberry Q10 is good build but please check the build quality of Q5

    • Are you comparing a flagship with an mid-range phone? The price is more than double. And cores doesn’t matter! Why don’t you guys understand. BlackBerry 10 dual core is smoother that octa core androids.

    • Well, BBs are tools for the precise reasons you have mentioned. Its not about megapixels or wasted horse power. BB is all about getting things done, efficiently. im not just making a statement here. to back it up, here’s my list of reasons why I think BB is better

      1. File manager to start with. not just any file manager. its native, cloud integration, remote file access. all this without third party apps
      2. As a business user, I get lot of mails with Zip attachments. My phone doesn’t need an app to open them and same way doesn’t need an app to zip files and send em.
      3. Hub – one stop shop for all your communications. if you have more than 2 accounts of emails, FB, twitter, BBM, whatsapp (I don’t use), ect… imagine the pain to open each app to reply or compose a message. With BB Hub its all a breeze and always a swipe away.
      4. Keyboard – it reads your mind. nuff said.
      5. App permisions – Every android app I used wants permission to all you PIMs and basically everything on your phone. I haven’t see the ability to customise app permissions on Android. Its all or nothing. On BB10 you can select which permission to grant. and the phone always prompts you to choose before opening the app first time.
      6. Security – FIPS certified. Apparently not only Katrina Kaif but also Angela merkel trusts BB10. she recently got hacked by US govt and now moved on to Z10.
      7. Android apps run more securedly on Bb10 than on Android itself
      8. Invocation frame work – Remember app and flagged emails is a great example of invocation save lot of time and hassel for the user.

      Q5 is an entry level phone and it is expected not to have the same build quality as Q10.

      I can go on and on. My point is just because a phone has 100 MP camera or octcore processor which never was optimised for the OS, doesn’t mean its better. Having said that im a huge fan of sony products. not their smartphones (I like the hardware but since they run unsecured laggy android I don’t use them). Also please understand, this is a BB fan site. and when celebrities are spotted with BB phones they post it. Especially if the celeb is a brand ambassador of some other product. Ranbir Kapoor is BB brand ambassador but was spotted using a nokia lumia in one of his films. Alicia keys came under fire for tweeting from an iPhone. so this happens all the time. no one is insulting the other brand here.


  2. Can anyone rally tell me what phone that is? Its not Q10 or Q5 for sure as the phone in pic has a curved keypad and the Q10 and Q5 have straight horizontal line of keys, so it is definitely something from the BB OS 7 line up.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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