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BlackBerry Z30 beats iPhone 5s, Moto X and Lumia 1020 to the ground at CES 2014!


It is very obvious that BlackBerry smartphones are meant for getting things done and the fact is now been proven by WIRED with their unique challenge at CES last week. The team distributed BlackBerry Z30, iPhone5s, Lumia 1020 and Moto X each to get tasks done from photography to blogging. And guess who won 😉

In the end of everything, the judgment of all was done by giving away points for particular task. We were actually amazed to see BlackBerry beating every other phone, including iPhone, to the ground with a margin of hundred. Others were very close to each other lacking goals and hitting targets.

“I took a lot of ribbing for using a BlackBerry. It’s not as fancy as the other phones in the contest, apparently. But you know what? Doesn’t matter. It’s still a phone that can be used to cover a large electronics tradeshow. That’s pretty amazing. Technology is pretty amazing in general these days, you know? These things fit in your pocket! And they’re like laptops except better.” –Tim Moynihan, CES Day 5, 2:51 PM PST

If you don’t trust us, trust them at least 😉

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  1. Great phone but very frustrating when it gets hung. Got stuck trying to call an ambulance during a family medical emergency. Wish this hanging issue could be fixed…otherwise an amazing phone.

  2. There was never any doubt that the z30 would win. As the owner of a z10 myself I can’t imagine using any other phone. The problem is that blackberry does hasn’t marketed the phones. Get off your back guys. BlackBerry can still make a comeback

  3. Absolutely….bb is the best…but the company has lost in marketing tactics…and such other frenzy adds that other phone makers do…though I’m a user of an old model of bb….its best in the class.. I’m so addicted that I can’t be without it…

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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