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Reality Check: Tech expert Dan Nessel cheats on his iPhone with a BlackBerry Z30

Dan Nessel, the founder of is one among those biggest iPhone fans who can’t imagine a day without an iPhone. But as we always say, a personal run through into BlackBerry 10 OS will give you the best result and evidently, it happened the same with Dan. He decided to take the BlackBerry Gets It Done 7 days challenge by replacing his iPhone 5 with a BlackBerry Z30. And to his surprise, he starts loving his new smartphone more than his regular for many specific reasons. The video below shows the exciting 7 days of Dan followed by a full written review.

In the review on his website, Dan explains every single detail in comparison to his iPhone. He was very impressed with the 5-inch display, the huge battery life, BlackBerry Hub, and touch screen software keyboard which are just few of the features he really enjoyed. The ONLY negative point he found in the platform was lack of apps but hey, we now have Android apps injection which unfortunately Dan couldn’t play around with. Furthermore, Dan explained that when it comes to things like E-mail, messaging, making calls, and web browsing, he preferred using the BlackBerry Z30 over his iPhone 5 90% of the time.

Looks like it just takes 7 days for a consumer to turn into Prosumer. Let’s hope BlackBerry India also starts such challenge to gain traction back locally. To all who still believe on biased reviews, we highly recommend you to try BlackBerry 10 yourself just like how Dan did.

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  1. A few months ago I switched from IPhone to a blackberry Z10. The transition was ok. I find the typing on the blackberry easier and the navigation between the applications opens smooth. However, I missed the variety of apps available for iPhone and the fact that most of them are free.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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