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People go wild as BlackBerry Z10 goes out of stock!

You read that right! BlackBerry’s 10th anniversary bash is getting HOTTER WILDER as company’s new breathtaking offer on BlackBerry Z10 has strike the bullseye selling more than 500 devices per day throughout the country. We at BBin are literally going crazy replying Emails, Channel subscribers, Twitter to guide our readers to stores online & on-ground. Unfortunately, many return home empty handed & send us Emails for more queries. So today we reached out to BlackBerry to get more details & their action upon shortage.

According to BlackBerry, the stock got sold out 3 times quicker than expected. One of city’s largest selling mobile store reported us that they have sold more than 300 devices past 3 days & are now taking in pre-orders while waiting for their next shipment to arrive. BlackBerry assures to refill Z10 smartphones in next couple of days under the same offered Rs. 17,990 price tag.

BlackBerry Z10 Black & White at for Rs. 16,972

BlackBerry Z10 Black & White at Reliance Digital for Rs. 17,999

BlackBerry Z10 at The Mobile Store for Rs. 19,499

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  1. If Blackberry does the same price cut for Q 30 and Z 30 by another 20% , it will kill the market. This is the right time for blackberry, as the fatigues reached for Android and consumers are willing to experiment with other platforms. A Q or Z 30 in the price range of sub 30k will be a mind boggling offer. Hope blackberry will do that.

  2. That’s a great price! The new BlackBerry phone software is amazing however there is a learning curve. Once you earn the gestures, you’ll never look at the old style of operating a phone again (such as the iPhone). The only issue with the Z10 is the battery life which can get you through a day but barely. Other than that, I love it!

  3. I’m in Canada on the Rogers network running a Z10 STL-3. I’ve had my phone since launch and the only time I run into battery issues is if I’m using many Android Apps that I downloaded directly from the Amazon app store or from Google Play via SNAP. I found a sweet deal on a battery charger with spare pack and can swap whenever I need to but I’ve only ever done it a few times. Normally it just sits on my night stand charged waiting for a long trip. I love everything about my phone. The onscreen keyboard is fantastic. (I owned a BB Torch 9800 previously and feel no need to go back to a keyboard model although I am not a hyper-typer or anything like that). I think the HUB is the only way to go regarding all my messaging sources in one place. I can’t imagine the “old way” where you have to open each separate app to see if there is something new. Each line a separate filter and a quick pinch to see only “new” items at a glance. BBM voice quality is crystal clear over Wi-Fi. Lock screen notifications are super handy and swiping is so smooth and natural everything just moves so effortlessly it is so efficient. Sharing photos is so quick. Tap the photo you just took, tap share, tap your method and you’re done. BB10 learns what you like so if you always share photos with the same people via email or BBM, it presents you with those choices first to make sharing even faster than the first time when you had to look them up in the list which takes a whole 3 seconds more.. but 3 seconds is 3 seconds. It’s data hotspot functionality is very solid and easy to use if you don’t have Wi-Fi around and you need to connect other devices to the internet. Don’t forget BB protect! I’ve already used to blare super loud to help me find it when I left it on the porch or between the couch cushions. Much better than calling it, especially if you had it on silent or vibrate… I could go on and on. The only thing that would make me give it up is a shiny new Z30.

  4. Hi sir,
    This is very good offer from says that the Z10 stock will come couple of days on March 1.Now March 24.right now no one have got stock.If some one have they have about 32000 is the price.Is it cheating from Blackberry?Any way still I am waiting for Blackberry Z10 till April 25,because your deadline of the price cut will be end on April 25.Please reply me actually when this product will come…?

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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