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Prosumer Speaks: BlackBerry Q10 astonishes Nic Healey

CNET Australia’s Senior Editor Nic Healey takes the BlackBerry Q10 for a week ride. It wasn’t a surprise to us but it sure was to him to find out how powerful & amazing the new BlackBerry 10 operating system is. Nic chose the Q10 because it was ‘classic’ BlackBerry & wanted to use something that felt like the quintessential BlackBerry experience. Although he was aware of the unsuccessful reports on low sales of the Q10, he decided to test run it himself leaving all biased crap behind. And his verdict? He absolutely loves the phone!

We said it like thousands times already, and will say it again – Use it to believe it!

Read Nic Healey’s full article here >>

[quote]”But it strikes me that BlackBerry has a far better product than I’d given them credit for — I’ve certainly not been leading any BlackBerry cheer squads recently.”[/quote]

[quote]”There’s a steep learning curve using BB10. There’s a learning curve with any new OS, and the BlackBerry is arguably steeper than many. But once you’re across it, it’s a highly functional, very clean OS that works well. – Nic Healey”[/quote]

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  1. I have a BB Q10 bought about six months back. Now I am facing problems in keys g and v which are either not working or sometimes work when pressed too hard. In addition the phone reboots on its own about atleast three to four times a day. The contact list also hangs occasionally and to retrieve it I need to reboot the phone. Can anybody please suggest remedies to this. I contacted the service centre in Ahmedabad they are saying I will have to leave the phone which might take 15 – 20 days. Since I have a single handset leaving the phone for 15-20 days in very difficult.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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