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[PICS] BlackBerry Classic spotted online! Compared to predecessor QWERTY smartphones

After BlackBerry Passport, the next smartphone set to launch is the BlackBerry Classic – a typical BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone with 3.5″ touch screen. The deal breaking feature of this phone is the ‘Tool Belt’ – 4 physical Call/End, Back and Menu keys with navigation trackpad similar to legacy devices. Here’s a close-up shot leaked today revealing the beautiful Classic design with silver bezel making it look a lot like the Bold series. Also, the micro-USB is spotted at the bottom following the Z3 and Passport trail.


BlackBerry dropped the ‘Tool Belt’ in predecessor Q series but decided to bring it back on demand. This has excited many users (including me) and there’s no doubt you could feel bad about its comeback. The strip helps to keep its operations blindy controlled as typing words on a physical keyboard performs. The ones who prefer physical keyboard over software will love this decision. Unlike BlackBerry Passport, this BlackBerry is enterprise and non-geeky consumers focused.

Classic_leak2 classic_side

BlackBerry Classic is offcially announced to launched in November along the BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS update. Unfortunately, we haven’t received any words on its specifications but can assure you that it will be a mid-range product with a price tage around $400. Stay with us for more.


Source: Weibo

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Written by Shahriyar Ali


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