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Poll: Would you like to see a ‘Tool-Belt’ on the next BlackBerry Passport?

BlackBerry have tweaked their new BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS from the ground up to enable trackpad navigation on the new BlackBerry Classic smartphone. Though we would like this option of highlighting each object using the trackpad on BlackBerry Passport also, the lack of selection keys makes the experience incomplete.

How about adding the tool-belt to the Passport? – The result is this concept I created. How about adding the four physical keys on each extra space on either side and make the whole touch-capacitive keyboard a trackpad? I, however, would prefer an option to switch to the current workflow of the Passport in settings. I also added two marking ‘dots’ on space key to make them feel different as I would also like it to play the role of a selection button (Trackpad push).


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Tell us what you think about this concept and share your ideas in the comments below.

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    • Agreed. Though I’m not totally into this addition on currently designed Passport, but I feel physical keys are essential for rapid actions. Would love to see a dedicated camera button also in future devices.

  1. *****My ideal devices:
    ### Passport Classic Hybrid:
    # 4″inch + screen
    # 4 row touch-enabled keyboard
    # Slightly less wide than Passport
    # Toolbelt: optional

    ### Slider:
    # Z10 dimensions with higher resolution screen
    # Toolbelt must have
    # Slide out Q10 style keyboard. Old Torch keyboard was shallow and key presses weren’t satisfying

  2. I’m not a fan of the above concept simply because cases and handling would either get in the way of or activate the tool belt keys. That being said the tool belt keys are useful but I think the Passport form factor isn’t right for them. I’d still add them in the usual place – above the keyboard – which would make the large phone even longer. Maybe mini ones would work. I do like the toolbelt – just a matter of where and how to incorporate it.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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