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Need help updating your phone? Try these alternatives to get the latest 10.3 OS

While many BlackBerry 10 smartphones updated easily on February 19th, there were few unfortunates who still are unable to load the new BlackBerry OS 10.3. Here’s how you can load via PC and enjoy!


There is currently not enough free space (internal device memory) on the smartphone to install the update successfully. The BlackBerry 10 OS requires 2.5 times the downloaded package size, for example, an update package of 1GB will require a total of 2.5GB’s free space to download and install successfully.


Option 1

Complete one of the following options and related steps to resolve the issue:

Perform the update via BlackBerry Link, or by visiting

Option 2

To continue with an Over The Air Software (OTA) Update, remove data (applications and media) from the BlackBerry smartphone’s internal memory until there is enough free space by following the actions below. The software update message will show exactly how much space is required to be freed up, for example:

  • “Please free up additional 401 MB of space to continue with this update.”
  • “You can move files to your media card or remove applications that you don’t use.”

Help in determining what to move or delete:

First, review the data and amount of storage space being consumed by installed applications or games, and each media type. You can then choose to either move data out of internal memory to the SD card, or delete applications or games.

Open Settings and then select App Manager and then Device Monitor. Within this application select Storage. After a few seconds this will display how much memory each application or game has consumed, as well as how much media has been added to the device; the media is broken down into pictures, music, and videos, each grouped on their own. This view shows only the internal memory consumption and does not display media or data saved to the SD card. After reviewing how much memory is being used by applications or games, and media, a decision can be made to either move data or delete applications by following any of the actions below.

Move data from internal memory to the SD card. If a SD card has been inserted into the BlackBerry Smartphone the File Manager application can be used to move the data from internal device memory to the SD card storage.

  • Open the File Manager application from the BlackBerry home screen.
  • Select the files and/or folders you would like to move by touching the item (select Select More to move multiple items at once).
  • Select Move from the menu the appears on the left.
  • Navigate to the SD card and to the location you would like the items moved to.
  • Select Move.

Deleting Applications in Device Monitor:

Note: Deleting an application will remove all application data, for example: high scores, game progress, app settings, etc..

If data is unable to be moved out of internal memory another option is to delete applications. You can choose which applications to delete in order to free up the required space by reviewing their size within Device Monitor. To delete an application while in the Device Monitor application:

  • Open Settings and then select App Manager and then Device Monitor. Within this application select Storage. Note: This step is not required if you are already in Storage.
  • Choose the application.
  • Select Delete.
  • Deleting Applications from the BlackBerry home screen:

Touch and hold the application. Once the application on the screen begins to pulse, tap the trash bin icon next to the application and then select Delete.

Phones which are purchased from other countries may take a while to access to update but you can skip the wait by installing via Sachesi.


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  1. Hi i am using BB Z3. initially when i tried to update my device to new OS 10.3.1 it said i have no space. so i tried to empty my memory but still was unsuccessful. So i did a security wipe and reset my device. After resetting it showed my free memory is 4gb. Then i started to update my phone. Initially a file of 1gb was downloaded, then another file was downloaded of size 1.5gb. But after sometime it said more 40-50mb space is required to update. Now i donot have anything to delete from my device and so am stuck, i am not able to update it. I do not understand even after resetting my device why i am not able to update my OS. Please help me in this. Reply me as soon as you can. Thanks

  2. I have a BlackBerry Z10, purchased last month, with model number STL100-4.
    I am based in India and amon Airtel network.
    The software release that came with my Z10 is
    When I check for software update, it says you have the latest software installed.

    Why is 10.3 not showing for my Z10?


  3. can will sachi removes all the previous data from phone or remains same the previous os including the bb pin and older app data please give me replay as soon as possible. i want to try sachi to update my bb z10 stl 100-3.
    can i use canada as country and rogers as carrier will it work for the unlocked version of z10 in india..:(

  4. I have the same problem with my blackberry z3 there 4gb free memory after security wipe but it still requires me to free up about 400mb. there is nothing more I can delete. please help I want to update my softaware to 10.3

  5. Hi
    Last day I updated my Q10 with through BlackBerry Link, now phone is working a bit slow, I know that it takes time
    but I have a problem,
    whenever I open my lock screen, home screen automatically gets enlarged, then I have to reduce it manually every time, what should I do now.

Written by Shahriyar Ali


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